The artisan qualities you want in a pasta semolina

Not just for pasta

Bellata Gold pizza made with durum semolina


Pizza bases are easier to move around the pizza oven and have extra taste and rustic texture with a sprinkle of Duralina on the base.

Bellata Gold bread made with durum semolina flour


Duralina can be added to bread flour for rustic texture or sprinkled on the top of loaves for a crunchy crust.

Noodles and dumplings made with durum semolina

Noodles and dumplings

Part Duralina and part flour makes the perfect dough for noodles and dumplings. Ask us for the quantities that ensure success and easy handling.

Bellata Gold halwa made with durum semolina

Indian sweets and batters

Semolina (sooji or rawa) is used in a variety of Indian classics like halwa, laddoo and dosas.

Support from our family team

As a family business with our roots in farming country, we understand the appeal of artisan produce and the challenges that face smaller enterprises in a big world.

We will always do our best to support you with technical help, fast delivery and with the promotional material you need to authenticate your products as ‘Made with Bellata Gold from the Golden Triangle of New South Wales.